Monday, May 22, 2017

Laptop Problems

Over the last few weeks I have encountered more and more problems with my laptop wanting to delay and lock up. Even checking and performing maintenance every day with System Mechanic only worked for a while. We watched TV on it Friday night, but Saturday morning it refused to boot up, instead defaulting to a built-in Windows repair program, over which I had no control. My purchased System Mechanic is a great program and has kept my pc running far longer than it would have without it, but even it was of no use when a hard drive is worn out.

The built-in Windows repair program ran continously through Monday morning, without change or resolving anything, so I finally forced a shutdown. When I tried to boot up, The Windows logo started to load, but never enough to get me into my sign-on screen. Nothing but gray background and the cursor arrow.

Keep in mind, I bought the laptop just before Christmas 2011, and it was a fairly cheap $280 computer, so I've gotten nearly six years of dependable service out of it with the help of System Mechanic. The average life a hard drive is about five years, so I was running on borrowed time.

I am typing this using a Bluetooth keyboard with my smart phone, so this may have to be what I have to work with until I can locate a suitable laptop. I can get by with this for blogging, but for the marketing work I do, and the spreadsheets I work with, I really need a much bigger screen. I have a lot of files on my laptop that are backed up on the cloud,  so I can't retrieve them to work with them without another computer on which to install them. My Carbonite off-line automatic back-up program will install everything back onto another computer the same as they were on the one that went bad. My marketing software won't work on anything but a PC, so I will have to find a laptop... no question about it.

Rather than start on the post about getting from Louisiana to Florida (which has a lot of photos with it), I will hold off until I see what the combination of this keyboard and smart phone are capable of, and gain some practice. I already know that the smart phone doesn't allow multiple tabs open, so trying to locate links, copy them and then come back to insert them is much more work than on a laptop. So this will be an experiment in futility, but it's what I have to work with right now.

As always thanks for reading, and I hope to be back with more travels as soon as I get in some practice time with this new method of blogging. If you have any comments, please click the link below.

Thank you again for your patience.

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